SEO Content Writing Guide For Apps and SaaS

SEO Content Writing Guide
SEO Content Writing Guide for Apps and SaaS – Let’s Get More Users!

Have you built an app that’s a bit more techy or involved and could do with some content to help build some expertise around it? Or are you a content marketer for a SaaS company who’s in charge of SEO content writing to get more eyeballs from Google to the website? Say no more! I’ve put together this guide for you so you have an idea of how to get your slice of the SEO pie to your digital asset.

Step #1: Flip The Funnel On Its Head

Some SEO blogs might tell you that you need to target keywords that are the most generic, because that’s where the most searches are happening. This might work in the long-run, but you possibly have some KPIs to meet, if not a desire to actually grow the user base of your application. That’s why you need to flip the traditional marketing funnel on its head.

Top of funnel content is more generic and the narrower you go the more specific and painful the problem is for your customer to solve. This also means that the SEO keywords people are using at the bottom tend to be more specific, as these users are in the consideration or buying phase of a solution.

If you don’t have market share yet and people aren’t searching for reviews of your app or SaaS, move a bit further up the funnel and search for keywords that are more related to the problem, but might not be specific to solving a problem. This will not only help you rank faster, but assuming you’ve taken the time to do research in you target audience, will build trust around your brand.

Step #2: Map the Customer Journey And Create Useful Content

Mapping the customer journey is an involved exercise that helps business owners, marketers and salespeople to understand what your ideal customer profile is going through each step of the way before they eventually buy your solution.

They’re at varying levels of readiness before they come to your site, if you’re showing up at each of the different stages of the journey, the trust is already built and it becomes a lot easier to sell to them.

Say you have an app that helps people with sleep. You might benefit from creating content such as:

  • an online quiz that helps people diagnose what could be causing their sleep issues,
  • interviews with doctors or health professionals on how to improve sleep,
  • a portal that allows people to create a sleep diary to help people build a routine that aids with sleep.

The key is that the content is genuinely useful on its own and doesn’t sell your product too hard. Only if it’s a natural extension of the content. Your customers will buy from you when they are ready.

Step #3: Show Up Often

This last step isn’t marketing specific, but is still critical to your success in SEO content writing. Creating one piece of content and expecting to do the heavy lifting for your Saas or app is like buying a house with the expectation that you’ll will big off a lottery ticket. It is a game, but unlike a lottery, there’s a better chance the more often you show up.

There are real people who are looking for thought leadership. You can build a relationship with them en masse with strong SEO content, but you have to create a schedule then stick with it. If you can’t do weekly, then fortnightly, if not monthly.

This guide’s pretty simple, but it works. It needs your input if you are serious about building the number of users to your SaaS or app. Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Good luck!

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