SEO Content Writing For Beginners: A Guide For Newbies

SEO Content Writing For Beginners
SEO Content Writing For Beginners – Are You As New As This Bub?

So you’re new to the SEO game. Maybe you’re very new and you haven’t done much content creation or blogging either. You know that it’s good for your blog and you want to create something that people genuinely see as a good resource, they bookmark it and maybe even print out copies of it if they’re super old school.

At the same time, you want it to be found in Google. You don’t want to pour your heart and soul into content that helps people but never gets seen by Google and their search engine buddies. What can you do?

Start by reading this quick start guide. I’ll give you a brief primer into how it all works and to get started today with some simple steps. Let’s get into it!

How to Learn SEO Content Writing

Tip #1: Just Do It!

Nah, I’m not just going to leave you with that advice. That would be downright unfair. Though to be fair, just starting and keeping up consistency would be my first piece of advice to you.

I’ve been writing and publishing content and articles online for nearly 15 years. Am I a big shot? Do I have anything to show for it? A handful of home runs, but nothing that’s put my name amongst the lights. No meaningful income either.

The thing is, if I’d just kept at it I would have eventually figured out what I know now: that Google is always watching and they will reward consistency. Great thing now is that I know about how to give off the right SEO signals. Pair with consistently showing up every week is going to pay off in the long term.

Tip #2: This One Trick The Pros Don’t You To Know…

I’ve always loled at this tacky headline. Hopefully you can tell that I”m using it a bit tongue in cheek, but the reality is that anyone who knows even a bit of SEO knows that not all keywords are created equal.

For example, for writing this blog. I could try to rank for the keyword “SEO” and I would be writing until the end of time. I’d never rank on page 1. I don’t even think I’d rank on page 10. Besides, I wouldn’t want to: there’s no commercial value. At least not something as much “SEO Content Writing“, which is still quite competitive, but at least advertisers are paying for it.

Check out Neil Patel’s UberSuggest tool here

As you can see, the CPC on the right is $6.80. That means that it’s pretty competitive and that people are making money out of it, otherwise they wouldn’t be driving the bid up to $6.80 per click. If you’re not sure, go with a keyword that has a higher CPC.

Tip #3: Build Better, Link Better

This last tip is actually two tips in one. What great value! As you write more consistently and rank for keywords that have commercial intent, also see what your competitors, i.e. those who rank higher than you for that keywords, are writing.

Essentially, you want to be writing longer, more in depth articles than they are, structured better too and just more impressive in general. This also means within the article you link to several resources, many which should be on other pages of your blog.

Internal linking helps Google figure out the structure of your website and find out which pages are more useful. So for pages that you’re trying to push up and eventually into the first position for a keyword, make sure many of your other posts and pages link to it.

So that’s it. If you can do those three things, even as a beginner you’ll have a huge advantage even over the pros. For one thing, I think the biggest problem is consistency. If you only take away one thing from this post, just do Tip #1. Just start. Be consistent. Show up weekly, at the very least – you’ll thank me later!

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