Is SEO Content Writing a Good Career?

Is SEO Content Writing a Good Career?
Is SEO Content Writing a Good Career? I Answer This Question Below…

Times are tough now. Every second person you talk to is taking up a second job, working crazy hours overtime, delivering food or parcels or otherwise trying to hustle just to make ends meet. You’re keeping an eye on your bank account, but you can’t help but see that it’s slowly heading into the red territory.

SEO content writing is one of those things that you might have heard a bit about. It combines a bit of writing skill, a bit of digital marketing a lot of understanding people. Whether you’re thinking of making the leap entirely from your current job or thinking of taking up writing SEO content as a part-time gig, I’m going to aim to shed some light on this for you.

Is Content Writing a Stressful Job?

First and foremost, after all the craziness that was COVID, I don’t think people are keen to go back to insane hours and unreasonable deadlines. Content writing of any type in general isn’t that stressful – if you’re the right person.

Some people abhor writing. It takes them HOURS to punch out a few hundred words. They might have been the sort of people who hated doing essays for homework back in school. If that’s you, I’d reconsider doing SEO content writing. However, if you already write a lot, read on!

You’ll Like SEO Content Writing If…
  • you think there is inherent meaning in the words that people search with and you find it fascinating to unpack the nuanced differences behind them, later weaving it into readable, human-centered written content that makes them punch the air and say, “Yes! Finally someone who gets it!”
  • You’re good at rewriting things in different ways. The thing with SEO is that you’ll likely say the same things over and over, but in slightly different ways. This is so that you don’t trip up search engines, but also because the keywords you target will have overlap and as a result, the words you write will seem repetitive.
  • You find many topics fascinating. You have to become a mini subject matter expert in different topics in a reasonably short time. More important, you have to care about what your readers care about and show that you empathize with that through your words. It’s not just about writing for search engines, it’s about writing for people first.
Benefits of SEO Content Writing As A Job
  • You can do it anywhere in the world. It’s one of the best remote jobs because you just get your assignment, do your research, then turn your writing in. You can do it from anywhere, there’s definitely no requirement for you to be in an office.
  • The money is reasonably good. Good places will pay you $100-$200 per article and really, it’s down to you and how fast you can write the content (without compromising on quality) to maximize your earnings,
  • You will become very well-rounded as a person, learning things that you wouldn’t otherwise learn. Who knows, problems that you might have yourself, you might find solutions for just from work!

I’m biased clearly, but I think it’s a great job to have. I enjoy writing everyday and I tick the boxes above, if you do too, then go ahead, the jobs are there. Go get them!

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