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Writing SEO Content For Money: My Experience After Earning 4-Figures

“4-Figures?” I hear you say. “That’s not much.” Maybe it’s not, but for someone who had just finished school and was trying to figure their way around starting their own online business while going through uni, it wasn’t bad at all. I don’t want to bore you with my life story of how I got […]

Content Writing Basic SEO: Get Google’s 👀 On Your Content Quicker

You spend a good amount of time on SEO content writing. You know it’s a long term game. You’re willing to wait and let Google pick up your content. There are days that you’re a bit less patient and you can’t help but check Google Search Console for the 10th time. Nope, you’ve still only […]

Relationship Between Content Writing And SEO: How Each Helps The Other

You’ve discovered SEO content writing and that it can be a useful strategy to help you rank on Google. They’re actually comprised of two parts: content writing and SEO. No shit Sherlock, I hear you say. Well OK, how much do you know about their relationship? How does one help the other? Are there considerations […]

SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting: When Do You Use Each One?

You’ve got a blog. It’s OK. Just OK. You’ve been writing a post every now and then, usually when there’s something to write about, like you’ve got a sale on, or you felt inspired to share something about the company you’re running. But something’s changed: you got tired of seeing competitors in your space getting […]